The environment in which we live is becoming increasingly contaminated. The requirement is that we should properly monitor and preserve our environment. In our country, the tradition of environmental protection has been from ancient times. Our ancestors have preserved various wild animals as the Goddess’s rides and preserving them as the habitat of Goddesses in different trees. Environmental protection is a process to improve the relationship between humans and the environment. Which has two purposes. First, the management of those human activity artifacts which cause damage to the environment. To make the behavior of the other human beings according to the natural order of the environment, to maintain the quality of the environment. Children for this! We can bring some remedies in practice – those who get air in the air, By properly disposing of wastes which are thrown inside the water and within the ground. By making laws for the disposal of toxic and hazardous wastes.

Mission Vande Matram Foundation conducts camps on environmental protection from time to time. This righteous man seeks cooperation with you

Customers include seattle public library, los angeles public library, university of toronto, university of notre dame, brown university, university of gent in belgium, and university of auckland in new zealand.