Back in time when India was struggling for its freedom, there have been many freedom fighters who laid down their lives for the country we have today, a country which is one of the fastest growing in almost every sector. A country which still has an advantage of being highest no of young and educated youth in the whole world. Over the past decade it has been observed that somehow the legacy of knowledge our greatest heroes left for us has been fading.  A slight deep study on their lives could walk us through some of the best practices about modern days management such as principles, time, centralization, decentralization and coordination etc. Their literature and many more that is essential to our day to day life. Mission vande mataram foundation through its “discussion on national heroes programme” aims to inculcate some of the best principles and management skill in today’s youth and wish that will be the true meaning of being patriotic and nationalist to a country of Peace, security, education, equality and diversity in culture and tradition of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam'(meaning world is one family) that have been the carriers of Indian dignity and courage.

‘Mission Vande Mataram Foundation’ through its resolution aims to honor the thoughts and values of revolutionary National heroes, ‚Äčto the masses, to recognise their fame in the world. A regular campaign through our meetings, seminars, events, activities, demonstrations is being organised from time to time with schools and colleges.  

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