Country with peace, security, education, rites, samarasata and cultural traditions of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ are the carriers of India’s dignity and courage. The resolution of ‘Mission Vande Mataram Foundation’ is to honor the revolutionary National heroes, to bring forth their  thoughts and values ​​to the masses, to shine their fame in the world. We are running this campaign through our meetings, seminars, events, activities, demonstrations. From time to time, in collaboration with the School College, the campaign of ‘Mission Vande Mataram Foundation’ is organized through various competition and participation programs among the students. We urge you to be a participant of our program with your family including your family. Join our campaign and add other people too. Become a strong partner in our campaign to publish India’s dignified legacy in the world.


Jeetandra Tiwari

President: Mission Vande Matram Foundation

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Contact: Mobile:  +918882222190